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Aug 12, 2018
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I received my Warn Locking Hubs from Amazon today. I couldn't wait to install them so I dug right in. I took a few pics along the way.

I started by removing the center dust caps. I actually used a small hammer to pry it off. Here's a pic to show it removed. And the part number of the hubs.

AMAZON LINK --> https://amzn.to/2PEcDjp


Next, you need a set of snap ring pliers to remove the snap ring on the axle. You can see it on the axle in the pic above, once the snap ring is removed, you can get out your socket set and remove the 6 bolts on the factory hub, you will reuse the 6 bolts you remove so don't lose them. I always use a cross cross pattern when I remove and tighten them. Once the 6 bolts are removed you can gently pull outward on the hub cover and it will slide off. Now the new hubs are ready to install.

The new hubs will have one Allen screw holding the cap in place for shipping. You need to remove the one Allen screw and set cap aside. Here is a pic of the hubs in the box.

It you look close you will see the one Allen screw that need to be removed. Don't throw it away you will use it later. Once you remove the chrome cap you will be left with the actual hub. You can now simply align the splines on the axle with the hub. It will slide on. There is an o-ring on the back of the hub that will seal things up. Included with your hubs is the washers, gaskets, Allen bolts, etc. It is time to bust these out. You will use the 6 bolts you removed from the factory hub covers and place a lock washer and the regular washer and place them through the new hub and snug them up in a criss cross pattern. Once you get them snug, torque to 27-32 FT lbs. Also included is a new set of snap rings. It is time to install the new snap rings on the axle. They will go back in same place. If that makes sense.

Now you will need to locate the gray gaskets the will seal up the chrome caps to the hub. The gaskets will only line up one way. I just took the gasket and placed it on the chrome cap and rotated it until it set in place. You will know when it is correct. Then you just need to place the chrome cover over the hub. It will only go in one way also. I just rotated it until it basically dropped in. Now locate the 6 Allen bolts and start to get them hand tight. I put a drop of blue loctite on these. Tighten in a cross cross pattern. I don't have an Allen fitting for my torque wrench so I just got them tight but didn't crank on them. Here is the finished product. It took me longer to type this thread then to install the hubs.

I got these off Amazon for $205 bucks and had $40 in Amazon points on my Amazon card. It pays to let the Wife use that card. Lol.

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