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Apr 7, 2018
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Grill: Here's a photo of the On The Rox aluminum 6-slot grill. I knew I wanted to paint it, so I saved money and got it unfinished. It required a small amount of metal cleanup to get the lines smooth, edges consistent, and holes straight and round. Also, I increased the mounting holes to 1/4" to match the Roxor's slot holes and to provide a more secure mount. While you're holding the OTR grill up to your Roxor's black support panel, make sure your 5 holes line up, and get a sharpie to mark where you'll drill holes for the turn signals they give you. I prefer these classic incandescent bulbs over the smaller LEDs that XTC sends with their turn signal kits. I had to use an end mill to remove metal at the 3-o'clock and 9-o'clock positions in the grill headlight holes for the rubber pegs on Roxor's stock headlights. This step is probably not necessary if you're using aftermarket 7" headlights.

Paint: The local Maaco franchise got $160 to paint it, digital color match, looks good to me. A custom pain shop wanted triple that price, but the tiny imperfections in the budget job are ok with me. I'm pretty good with a rattle can, but their color matching, surface prep, and paint booth are much better than any spray paint I could do. Mahindra says their paint is a single-stage urethane, so I picked that for the grill, too (instead of enamel or adding a clear coat, etc.).

Mesh: After careful consideration of all the different radiator/grill meshes out there, I chose to use a 0.06" stainless sheet perforated with 1/4" holes, spaced 5/16" apart. I purchased mine here for $110 https://www.onlinemetals.com/merchant.cfm?pid=13514&step=4&id=1643&top_cat=1. You'll need about 18x21 inches, but get 24x24 and cut it down to be safe. I used a Dremel, wire brush, spray paint primer, and black spray paint. Make sure that your mesh holes line up with your grill holes AND your Roxor holes. If you cut it barely large enough (see the photo), you can slip it diagonally through the front of the radiator shroud without bending it or scratching anything.

Access hole: The 2x5 inch cut out on the top of the radiator shroud isn't large enough to reach your arm in there and fasten the nuts onto the grill's mounting screws. We tried a dozen techniques and scraped my lovely wife's tiny arms, but we still weren't close. Trust me, you'll want to enlarge that rectangular hole to about twice as tall as it comes. This will make installation much easier, and it's pretty impossible without doing this step. Note: if you're not installing a mesh behind the grill, then installing OTR's grill is no problem at all, just reach through one of the 6 slots.

Also, I used strips of adhesive neoprene between the panels to reduce scratching and vibration noise:

I installed the mesh behind the Roxor's slot holes, so the order goes like this (stainless hardware):
1/4" bolt head --> washer --> grill --> neoprene --> Roxor slot holes --> neoprene --> mesh --> wide fender washer --> regular washer --> Loc-tite --> lock nut.

Bring on the questions and recommendations! This community has helped me so much, and I hope my posts help others, too.