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Aug 1, 2018
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I'll propose a thread covering what is and isn't allowed to use your Roxor in each state. I have a dream. That dream is to operate as much as I can across the US. Simple enough right?

All has to do what the vehicle is classified, titled and licensed. The Roxor already has most of the equipment required for on road use but let me list them:

2 headlights
2 tail lights
2 brake lights
2 reverse lights
seat belts
brake at each wheel
DOT tires
spark arrestor/muffler

If you remove any of these items, well that's on you. Just know the Roxor comes packed with road worthiness

What it doesn't have but may be required by state:

license plate light
Windshield DOT glass
Turn signals
4 way flashers
windshield wipers
windshield wash

Special note (*), Roxor is speed limited at 45 and 55. I don't know why because a X3 and RZR can go above those speeds. I don't think I need to mention you may want to do this mod asap. I didn't do this, but either cutting a wire or unplug the speedo will give you speedy results. I recommend the ECU flash even though it's way over priced. Asterisk denotes minimum speed required.


Probably the most friendly UTV state in the US. On freeway use I did my research in depth. Even called DPS and State AG office. There's a difference between asking Carmen from MVD (DMV) or call and talk to a DPS trooper. DPS is who enforces the laws. Not going to even try ADOT (Arizona DOT/MVD). ADOT/MVD will issue title and registration for a Roxor. It will be a full VLT (vehicle license tax) paid, as any passenger vehicle because it weighs over 1800 lbs. So if you are in AZ and they didn't do this, they messed up. The plate will have "MC" and not "RV", the difference between a "street use" and "OHV" use vehicle although you can use a RV one with limitations. I can even get a veteran plate or whatever specialty plate you can get for a motorcycle.

You will have to sign off an affidavit saying you have the required equipment and there is no inspection. Only bare bones thing by the state requirement is a license plate light. Windshield, well apparently this is by opinion of the cops. One ARS says you must, another kinda suggest windshield or goggles. There doesn't seem to be consistency on this issue. One addresses golf cart and a cop can lump a UTV into that. The other is UTV/ATV/MC either wind screen or goggles. The trooper I called said goggles. A local cop says windshield/screen. Just get the dang windshield. Doesn't even have to be glass. My insurance is through State Farm and it's covered as they basically covered my RZR, full coverage at $308 a year. Insurance companies will cover whatever you want as long as you pay. They don't differentiate on or off road vehicles.

Out of staters, we get a lot. I'm not a DPS officer and generally most won't even know what to tell you. I spoke to a few and of the four one had an answer after she Googled Mahindra Roxor. I had a question about freeway use. She did mention DOT tires off the bat so for other UTV's they'll hone right on to that. I'm sure the Roxor they would barely bat an eye thinking it's a CJ. From what I understood, vehicle must display registration, required sequipment, insurance, under 18 with a helmet (that's new law and quite hasn't been enforced yet). Here's a quick cut and pasted for AZ State Parks

NON-RESIDENT VEHICLE REGISTRATION and OHV DECAL: Whether an off-highway vehicle (OHV) operator is legal to operate an OHV in Arizona depends on their home state. If the machine follows the OHV registration/insurance and sticker requirements of the operator’s home state, it may be operated in Arizona for 30 consecutive days. The operator does not need an Arizona title plate, Arizona registration plate or OHV decal to ride on unmaintained, existing, open, authorized routes on public lands in Arizona. You must abide by Arizona laws, rules, and regulations of course. For example, if you ride on State Trust Land you will need a permit from the Arizona State Land Department.

So what does that mean? If you come from OR and don't have a plate or sticker to display, that's a no-no. CA with your sticker, probably a no-no. But AZ will gladly take your money if you want to register it here. You don't need a AZ residency requirement to do this. 3rd party MVD offices are open 7 days a week. The reciprocity is a tad ambiguous. But if you have a tiny plate from ID, MT, UT, SD, etc., you are good to go here.

So here's AZ rundown:

Restricted/motorcycle plate:Y
Full size plate: N
Highway: Y
Freeway: Y*
Liability insurance: Y

Required additional equipment:
License plate light
Windscreen or goggles

Notice no turn signals required? Better get that arm out and quit waving at other Jeeps. Screw them anyways because half of them bad mouth our Roxors anyways. It's much easier with turn signals. So I made some up for about $50 my cost.

I hope we can pass this thread around and get Roxor specific use in each state. Like how AZ we pay full VLT with a "MC" plate and can't do the lower amount "RV" plate like most UTV's do. But that's OK because I use my Roxor as a daily driver anyways. I know UT is OK with AZ UTV but no freeway, must have turn signals stay out of Salt Lake County, and seat can't be higher than 40"?? I measured 36 ish. Not much room left but let's find that one UT cop whip out a tape measurer. So it's good to know I can cover all of AZ and UT.
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