Flat Tow Problem Update


Collin S.

Apr 11, 2020
Fallbrook, CA, USA
Roxor Ownership
Roxor Owner
In case others have the same issue...a few months back I posted on the warn hub install thread about an issue I had while trying to flat tow. I had installed warn hubs so I could flat tow but noticed a weird issue. Hub operation worked just fine, front driveshaft was free to turn when unlocked and in 2H. When I went to flat tow, I unlocked the hubs, put the transfer case in N and the transmission in 1st per Mahindra. When I started pulling forward both driveshafts were spinning, which the front should not have been. A lot of you offered some great ideas or suggestions but it still seemed off. I tested a full speed flat tow and once I got above 35mph I got an incredibly loud metallic howling sound, which wasn’t right of course. A few months pass and I wanted to tow it again so I disconnect the rear driveshaft and it tows perfectly fine. With it disconnected I could determine that when I shift the transfer case into N, it locks both driveshafts together rather than the opposite, thus something is not disengaging correctly. That of course was a bigger problem than I had hoped so I towed it to my dealer who has it now for warranty repair. Just wanted to keep everyone up to date and will update further when I hear back from the dealer.