1st Oil Change



Aug 1, 2018
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Let me start with... I’m not following the manual for the Roxor. Why? It’s not the space shuttle or formula one race car. And I’m sure there are some tolerances to maintenance on those also.

Now that’s out of the way, I did my 1st oil change at 500 miles, actually 478, instead of the recommended 300. Wow, I’m such a rebel. It’s a fast tractor with a bullet prof engine. And isn’t it a lot easier to track 500 miles from last change instead of 300 odd ball. My next change will be at 1 year or 7500 instead of the one listed on the manual. Look up other Mahindra oil change interval for the same engine. 1500 miles for a diesel is dumb. With synthetic and 7 quarts it should last at least 10k miles.

I’m not doing a video because it was stupid easy to do. You won’t need a jack or jack stands. The oil drain plug is close to where the filter would drip from as you unscrew it. Mine only let loose a few drops as I removed it. Drain plug looks to be 22mm. I used a crescent wrench so that took care of that. Step one on draining and replacing filter is easy to do. As you can see I mark my filters on day and miles.

Oil drain plug has a magnet on the tip. You can see it has minimal metal filing noted for an engine recently broke in.

Now the only goofy part, filing it up. The oil fill well has a baffle/splash or debris shield that makes this part a minor chore. By the way I put my hood all the way over to rest on the wind shield frame. Just use caution.

Hey was hoping to get the spout of the 1 gal of Rotella oil in to the fill and dump it in. That baffle reduces it down to a dribble speed probably less than what you can pee. So now I employed the use of the funnel and measuring beaker to meter the oil in to the engine. Unless you don’t care about oil pouring all over the engine, this is it. And oil did back up and burped bubbles if I went too fast.

At 6 quarts the level showed almost to the middle of the add and full marks. At 7 quarts it was a tad below the full. Who knows how precise the marks on the dipstick are but I’m confident where it lies. The capacity is listed at 7.4 quarts so a .4 quart difference isn’t going to kill it.

That’s it. Don’t forget to turn the engine over (I did it at the 6 quarts fill) and let the oil filter fill up.

Note: oil fill cap is retained by 2 oil rings in the cap/PVC vent. It can be tough to wiggle out at first but as soon as it’s out it’s easy off and on.

Hope this was helpful and thanks for tuning in to the daily Roxor with Arizona 1266. Me.