Mahindra Roxor Honest Review (video)



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Mar 3, 2018
North Carolina
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Hey everyone! Here is a quick Mahindra Roxor honest review for you all just to get my initial thoughts. I had one for the weekend so I decided to do a brief Mahindra Roxor ride and review just to see what it was like to drive this thing not only on the road, but also to see how a little Roxor offroad riding would go.

Overall this little old-school jeep did well on the road and my brief Roxor off road experience great. The 2.5L diesel motor was smooth, provided plenty of power and torque, and ran like a charm. The manual 5-speed transmission was smooth and problem free, the shift pattern was easy, and the clutch was effortless.

Going offroad with the Roxor was again smooth and easy, it crawled over anything I asked it to and was more than capable when climbing or descending the small hills I drove it over. Since it does have an old-school leaf spring/shock setup it does get a little bumpy on rough terrain with the stock suspension, but I was more than happy to accept that for how SOLID the machine felt.

All in all I love it, the only downside being the 45mph speed limitation...which will need to be increased when I buy one.