Dimmer Upgrade



Oct 2, 2018
DeRidder, LA, USA
Roxor Ownership
Roxor Owner
I finally came up with an modification that no one else on here has posted....I think.

So after a few rides after dark and dealing with oncoming traffic, leaning in to dim the headlights got old quick.

I remembered how cool my uncles old F-100 was with it's floor mounted dimmer switch.

So I bought one of these and broke out the fluke.

GM Headlight Floor Dimmer Switch & Harness Kit 65-88 Cars 61-90 Trucks #945 | eBay

First thing you obviously have to do is pop out the headlight switch and horn switch. Do the horn while your blood pressure is still up.

Like another poster said, you can move them to the left of the steering wheel but don't install them just yet.

The ohm meter will tell you exactly what all the wires do. You are only cutting 2 wires and 1 of the 4 ends will not be used as seen in the pic. The wire nuts were just for the testing phase but I did just leave the nut on the unused end.

I should have typed this while it was fresher on my mind so there may be a mistake.

The yellow wire that is nutted off is the feed coming out of the switch for the dim's. You don't use it. The yellow wire from the harness goes to one of the 2 outputs on the new dimmer switch.

The other wire you cut, the stripped wire feeding out of the switch for the brights is cut. Make sure you don't cut it close to the switch.

Connect the stripped wire coming out of the switch to the input on the new switch and the stripped wire in the harness to the other output on the new switch.

Once it is all tested and confirmed, mount the floor switch in a local of your choice and route wires properly.

Not only does this give you hands free dimming capabilities but now the "old" dim switch is parking lights in lower mode. Upper mode is lights on and floor switch decides dim/bright.

I also installed a small led light strip on bottom lip of dash in front of shifter and connected it to a new switch where old horn was so passengers can use if necessary.