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    Roxor Tin Man RCF Roxor Tin Man wrote on RCF's profile.

RCF could you give me a call 813-716-3877 Thanks Steve
Is the Roxor an exact replica of the M38A1 as far as body parts? Specifically the M38A1 windshield. Has anyone tried it yet?
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    reedcharlie75 Jeepish reedcharlie75 wrote on Jeepish's profile.

I’m really interested in a set of your doors. How long is the wait? What form of payments do you accept? Thank you
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Did you happen to go ahead an try to get it road legal in Maine? If so how did you do it? I'm looking to get one and I live in southern Maine.
I'm in Maryland and interested in the same thing.
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    bukwessul Roxor Tin Man bukwessul wrote on Roxor Tin Man's profile.

Thanks Tin Man. Agreed. I may let a little time go by and see what changes. Appreciate it.
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Hey, my Dealer in CDA has been working with Rep Palmer of the Idaho Legislature to get the Idaho Title issue solved and done. If you want to send me your email I will copy you on the thread I have. Legislature was meeting and on the Agenda is the Roxor. My email is
Here's the email I have from my Dealer. On the 1/30/19 agenda

From: Representative Joe A. Palmer <>
Date: Tue, Jan 8, 2019 at 12:04 PM
Subject: Re: Mahindra Titling
To: Snyder, Ken <>

We will have the first hearing on it in the next week will let you know soon as I have it on the schedule
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my email is:
thanks for the info
quickshot, thanks for helping get this figured out. Please keep me informed. My email is Thanks
Finally picked up the Roxor today! Mods already done (by power sports dealer) are:

Fortress top and windshield
HD front bumper and winch
Warn locking front hubs
Diesel Freaks tune stage 1
EGR delete

While I am still licking my financial wounds, i would like to do the following mods:

HD rear bumper with 2” receiver
Half Doors
Front leveling
Turn signals
Dual rear bench seats FJ40/D90 style
You can actually do these things for a lot cheaper if you're careful. Take a look at my "Budget Friendly" threads. I found a lot of good deals here and there. I found a really nice generic winch for example that's every bit as good as a warn for just 340.00
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    Grubby EDS Grubby wrote on EDS's profile.

You from lead ?
Tannya & Royce with # 36, we live in Central Maine, purchased our Rox LE from North County Harley Davidson, we are in the Southwest for our winter months. A recent cold snap and a few long road trips encourage the recent updates. Jeep door surrounds and some clear vinyl and some Velcro and we are Warm to Go. Creatively staying warm without breaking the bank and looking good 😉
picked up a white roxor last week & have spent the last 5 days just putting on all the mods I have found reading through the forums, thanks to everyone for the great pictures, comments & advise
Roxor LE: 76-86 CJ Windshield, Grote Turn signals, Kenwood Amp, Tire Well LEDs, Under carriage LEDs.
Working on something special for these machines!
P Bleskey
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    P Bleskey Doshounds P Bleskey wrote on Doshounds's profile.

Doshounds, I noticed you added the fender flares. Did you go with those available through Crown Auto? Drilling required? They look great.
Yes they are the Crown flares. You have to drill the fenders. I made sure I primed and painted the holes to avoid rust. I appreciate the compliment. They do fit great.
P Bleskey
P Bleskey
I got my fender flares the other day. I was checking them out today. Question, at the top of the rear flares I see that if I drill a hole to match the one in the flare it looks like it will end up penetrating into the bed above the wheel tub. What was your experience with this? Educate me!!
I actually skipped the top holes that would penetrate the interior. No issues at all. Some have drilled the lip and mounted the screw from the bottom if that makes sense?
P Bleskey
Plate went on my ROXOR today! Street legal here in Utah!
Hello, in northern Utah as well. Did you get a full-fledged street plate or a motorcycle street plate? Thanks
P Bleskey
P Bleskey
Motorcycle size plate. The title says UTV. You?