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Oct 12, 2019
Phoenix, AZ, USA
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A month ago, I got another Roxor. I thought I share some pictures. Maybe some of you folks draw some inspiration from the looks of the machine. It was a 2018 SEMA vehicle put together to display some really neat on and off road technology.

I found some of the pictures the company that built the machine had posted from their SEMA booth 2 years ago.

What I know is that Roxor added the black paint accents on the fenders, rockers, and anove rear wheel well. The 8" tall Roxor letters along the sides of the hood are also from the factory. Different vendors added their company or product names in vinyl. KC HilLites was the main builder. Other items came from Icon Vehicle Dynamics, On The Rox, and XTC, for instance.



After I bought the Roxor, before I got on the road, I installed Warn hubs and a Gilomen Stage 2 ECU. Then, I drove it from the Flagstaff, AZ area back to Phoenix, AZ: about 30 miles on I-40 (not legal, but there is no other road that doesn't add at least one hour to the trip). Highway 89 through Prescott (at sunset, picture below) and Yarnell. Highway 60 back to Phoenix. I set a bluetooth speaker between the seats and cranked the music. That was one of the best +200-mile roadtrips in quite some time. More of these trips to come!

I stopped at Luke AFB on the way back fom Flagstaff to Phoenix. Changed all fluids and greased zirc fittings.

Black 7-slot grill installed.

Here are some details on the machine:
- Suspension: On The Rox shackle reversal (at 2018 SEMA, it still had longer shackles in the front). Longer shackles in the rear.
- Shocks: Icon Vehicle Dynamics, 2.0 (w/ reservoir) in the front, 1.5 in the rear
- Wheels: Icon Vehicle Dynamics, custom fab (including spare) 17"
- Tires: Nitto Trail Grappler 285/65/17
- Windshield: Roxor, factory. Powder coated aluminum. Lexan windshield. (It flexed a lot above 45 mph. I bolted a 1"x2" aluminum square tube (black poweder coated) along the bottom of the windshield.
- Winch: Warn
- Front and rear bumpers: On The Rox
- Roof: Flat, powder coated aluminum
- Doors: Roxor, factory. Powder coated aluminum.
- Seats: Roxor, factory. Black and tan, textured vinyl
- ECU: Gilomen Stage 2
- Roofrack: KC HiLites, custom fab
- Headlights: KC HiLites
- Bumper lights: KC HiLites, orange filter
- Lightbar: KC HiLites, 8x 6" LED
- Side lights: KC HiLites, white LED
- Rear / trail lights: KC HiLites, orange flashers, red (tied into brake) and white
- Intercom, driver & passenger: Rugged Radio
- Grill: Factory at 2018 SEMA. I replaced it with a 7-slot grill made from black powder coated 1/4" aluminum
- Battery: Excide, AGM
- Wiring for roof lights: Very clean, professional install. Wire loom runs from a fuse panel (passenger foot compartment) inside the roll cage tubing.
- Fuse sub-panel (passenger side, foot compartment) and rocker switches: XTC
Next: I will install a blinker switch (VSM 900) and relay.

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Nov 8, 2020
Las Vegas, NV, USA
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I saw that vehicle when I was first looking to buy. Called on it and they apologized for the ad still being on Craig’s List but that it was sold only hours after the initial posting. Well played Sir.